This page provides links to historical documents produced by or for the RAeS Human Factors Group (HFG); the Accreditation Focus Group (AFG) which was the forerunner of the CRM Advisory Panel; and other HFG Specialist Groups. These primarily relate to Crew Resource Management implementation including instructor accreditation, competency-based learning, behavioural markers and regulatory matters affecting EU and US licensing and safety standards models. Of interest may be the (unsupported) CRM Working Group Reports page, and the two CRM Accreditation Forums held at CAA Aviation House on 31 October 2002 and 27 October 2004.

Competencies Definition

The Human Factors Group Committee recognized the importance of consistent and objective assessment of CRM skills from its founding as the CRM Industry Working Group in 1992 and set up the Accreditation Focus Group shortly after joining the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1995.

In January 1997 the AFG gained a grant from the DfEE towards developing the necessary competency framework through the employment of a consultant, Dr. Phil Smith. An overview of the work to date was given at the HFG mini-conference on LOFT development (Gatwick, 17/9/97). the AFG embarked on a period of industry consultation during 1998.

The competencies matrix was further developed and finally embodied in the report Guide to Performance Standards for Instructors of Crew Resource Management Training in Commercial Aviation over 2000 copies of which (both printed and electronic) have been distributed to CRM trainers and developers in over 75 countries around the world since first released in September 1998. This document has been superceded by more recent CAA and EU information and regulation. Although no longer recommended by the CAA, it remains of interest for historical and developmental purposes.

The Survey

The CRM Advisory Panel recognized that the existence of structured training data is not in itself a complete solution and that the system of accreditation must also be considered. The group tasked W/Cdr Pieter Hemsley (ret’d) to survey UK AOC holders and training providers as part of a validation exercise to ensure the Guide meets its objectives.  See the Survey and the Report

The AFG metamorphosed into the CRM Advisory Panel (the Panel) in September 2000 to act as an independent advisory body to the CAA, to continue to monitor progress and standards in the industry.


The Advisory Panel was originally chaired by Capt. Paddy Carver, former head of CAA SRG Safety Standards. Panel members were drawn from the Royal Aeronautical Society, UK CAA, industry sectors and BALPA. As the CRM Advisory Panel, it remains a committee policy to ensure that all affected industry sectors are represented on the panel.


CAA Standards Document 29 (Guidance Notes for CRM Instructors and CRM Instructor Examiners) was issued on 18/09/01 detailing the accreditation process. A copy of the current revision can be obtained from the CAA website. Much of this was incorporated in CAA CAP 737 Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training in 2006, including the results of a study of Behaviour Markers conducted by Prof. R. Flin and Carol Martin at Aberdeen University.