Conference Proceedings

This section provides links to conference pages from 1994 to the present, in date order. Most conference pages contain links to presentation materials and in some cases to audio files.  Early conference proceedings may only be available in hard copy.  Proceedings of conferences organized by the Royal Aeronautical Society Conference Office in London are available to purchase from the Conference Office:

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The “Organizer” field indicates the responsible group:

RAeS: Royal Aeronautical Society Conference Office
HFG: RAeS Human Factors Group committee
CCSG: Cabin Crew Standing Group
HFGE: HFG:Engineering
HFOT: HFG Flight Operations and Training Standing Group
IEHF: Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors
CRMAP: Crew Resource Management Advisory Panel
CAA: UK Civil Aviation Authority


Date Title Organizer
1994 02 Feb What is the Justification for Resourcing HF Training (hardcopy only) HFG
1994 22 Sep Aviation Stress and CRM (hardcopy only) HFG
1995 09 Feb CRM Recurrent Training HFG
1996 17 Sep Evaluation – Getting Adequate Resources for CRM Training HFG
1997 17 Sep LOFT Scenario Design – From Tabletop to Flight Simulation HFG
1998 15 May Papers and Materials on Altitude Deviation HFG
1998 28 May Human Factors for Aerospace Leaders RAES
1998 25 Sep Team Performance and Human Factors HFG
1999 05 Feb CRM/TRM and Ramp Safety HFG
1999 12 Oct Disruptive Passengers CCSG
2000 23 Feb Situational Awareness and EFIS HFG/IEHF
2000 18 Oct Rail and Aviation Cross-Industry Conference HFG
2000 08 Dec The Business Case for HF in Engineering HFG:E
2001 15 Feb Incident Reporting and Human Factors Cross-Industry Conference HFG
2001 22/23 May Situation Assessment and Decision Making HFO&T
2002 10 Apr DisPAX2: Assault and Hijacking Workshop CCSG
2002 23 Oct Fatigue in Aviation: Regulation and Practice HFG
2002 24/25 Oct Working Hours and Fatigue in Aviation Maintenance HFG:E
2003 15 Oct Error Mitigation HFG
2004 30 Apr &26/28 May Two Conferences and a Workshop on Current Issues in CRM HFO&T
2004 26 Apr Measuring Safety Culture in Aviation Maintenance HFG:E
2004 04/05 Nov Human Factors Training in Aviation Maintenance HFG:E
2005 24 May Cabin Crew CRM Industry Forum CCSG
2005 18 Oct Risk Taking and Rule Breaking in Aviation Maintenance HFG:E
2006 26 Jan Developing a Consistent Standard of CRMIE Ground Observations CRMAP/CAA
2006 11 May Management of Human Factors Risk in Safety-Critical Industries HFG
2006 17/18 Oct Flight Crew Training – Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges (PDF) RAeS
2006 18 Oct Investing in Regulation:What’s in it for Us? HFG:E
2007 10 Nov Risk In Aviation Maintenance HFG:E
2008 08 Oct Human Factors – Making a Difference HFG:E
2009 29 Jan Future Role of Cabin Crew CCSG
2009 21 May Recognizing the Potential of HF Training in Rail & Aviation HFG
2009 09 Jul Human Factors in Design for Systems Safety HFG/CIEHF
2010 29 Apr Human Factors in Aviation: Medical and Physiological Aspects CCSG
2010 25 May Maintenance HF: Taking HF and SMS Into the Next Decade HFG:E/RAeS
2010 06 Oct Emergency Response and HF Integration in SMS HFG
2011 12 Oct Turning Policy into Reality – Human Performance & SMS HFG:E
2012 30 Oct Building Fatigue Management into Safety Systems – Fatigue Issues and Fatigue Management Solutions for an HF-Compliant SMS HFG
2013 08 May Culture in the Aviation Maintenance and Engineering Environment HFG:E
2015 26/27 Nov Predicting the Fatal Flaws HFG/CIEHF/NATS
2017 09 May Staying Alert: Managing Fatigue in Maintenance Conference HFG:E Cranfield/Aerossurance/Rolls-Royce