Aims and Objectives

The group will achieve its purpose by arranging a programme of lectures, conferences, position papers, publications and visits of a standard befitting the Society’s position as the UK’s Learned Society for Aviation. Proceedings will be made available where possible. The committee will:

    • Advise the Council and Director of the Society on relevant subjects, taking the initiative when considered appropriate
    •  Endeavour to represent, through its membership, an appropriate cross-section of disciplines from the broadest possible spectrum of the aviation inductry
    • Pursue a policy of active collaboration with other Groups of the Society and with external organisations
    •  Encourage participation by line pilots and other front line operational crew to ensure a balanced and representative view.

and carry out other activities which further the aims described in the Constitution and following Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

The Human Factors Group of the Royal Aeronautical Society exists to improve standards of safety in aviation by promoting better industry understanding of human factors hazards and techniques for dealing with them.

Committee members place their commitment to the aims of the Group before any commercial or party interests.

Services and Facilities

The Human Factors Group is a full professional committee of the Royal Aeronautical Society. It meets in committee four to six times a year in addition to holding an Annual General Meeting.

The Human Factors Group committee plans conferences, directs research and advises operators and regulators on Human Factors issues.

The Committee establishes and coordinates the activities of several standing groups (SGs) looking at areas of interest (CRM, ATC, Maintenance Engineering, Research, Ramp Safety, Human Interface Design, Conferences) and focus teams addressing specific current issues such as facilitator accreditation. Individuals from the Aviation community and other suitable fields shall be invited to join these groups as required by the SGs to achieve their aims.