The Cabin Crew Group was formed at the request of the RAeS Human Factors Committee and has been running for over 4 years. It has hosted two major CRM Conferences aimed at cabin crew CRM instructors and assisted in writing material for the RAeS following the Helios accident. Its members come from a wide range of backgrounds and represent a cross section of the cabin crew industry.

2014 Annual Report

The 2014 Annual Report


  • Sarah Skelton – Plane Training – Chairman
  • Liz Albone – Easy Jet – Secretary
  • Danny Barrowclough – Thomas Cook
  • Carey Edwards – LMQ
  • Jo Green – JG Aviation
  • Donna Malone – British Airways
  • Sue Adair – CAA
  • Stella Ponsford – Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • Kellie White – Emirates
  • Sharon Skinner – Independent Member
  • Debbie Elliott – TAG Aviation – Corresponding Member


Bulletins and Training Resources

The Cabin Crew Standing Group publishes a regular bulletin dealing with current matters of interest to the Cabin Crew community, and makes available resources for the Cabin CRM Training community. These are available on the Cabin Crew SG Contents page.