The Human Factors Group of The Royal Aeronautical Society

Human factors (HF) has been identified as the last area in which significant gains in aviation safety are possible. Persistently, some 70-80% of accidents are attributed to human error. This has have made the topic a high priority with operators, regulators and researchers.

Crew Resource Management is advocated by ICAO and others as the primary means of reducing aviation human factors accidents. The HFG is active in encouraging the development and improvement of CRM and related Human Factors systems, interventions and technology.

In particular, the HFG has explored HF issues relating to cultural, regulatory and operational characteristics of the multinational UK/European environment; and the broader organisational aspects of human error prevention. The HFG expects to contribute to progress in these areas by bringing together international experts, line pilots and instructors, and both large and small operators from the UK and elsewhere, through its programme of activities and as a professional body of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

News Points:

  1. The Engineering Group of the HFG has released a Position Paper on Development of a Strategy to Enhance Human-Centred Design for Maintenance, which is posted on the HFG: Engineering page of this site.
  2. Predicting the Fatal Flaws: A/V DVD of most presentations available on request.