The Human Factors Group created and supports two awards which are bestowed annually: The prestigious Roger Green Medal, which was funded in perpetuity by the HFG in 1999 and is now administered by the Aeronautical Society as part of the Medals and Awards procedure; and the Helen Muir Award, which was created by the HFG in 2002 and is a peer recognition award by HFG members at large.

The Human Factors Group also exceptionally bestows the Roger Green Lifetime Achievement Award for exceptional contributions over an entire career. This has only been issued once, to Capt. Daniel Maurino in 2010 for groundbreaking work at ICAO on CRM, the Human Factors Digests, and SMS implementation guidance.

Roger Green Medal

The medal is awarded annually by the Society to an individual who has “made a significant and lasting contribution to the theory or practical development of HF as applied in aerospace”. Anyone who has made a valuable contribution to human factors can be nominated, and whilst the emphasis would normally be on aviation it does not exclude nominations from outside the aviation industry (eg. someone working in the field of human factors in medicine), nor do they necessarily have to be ‘high profile’ or even currently practising HF. The Roger Green Medal nomination procedure is described in the proposal form.

Medal recipients

1999  Prof. Helen Muir OBE

2000 Dr. Earl Weiner

2001 Prof. James Reason

2002 Capt. Daniel Maurino

2003 Capt. René Amalberti

2004 Dr. John Lauber (with RAeS Specialist Groups Gold Medal)

2005 Prof. Bob Helmreich (Development of advanced CRM techniques)

2006 Prof. Rhona Flinn (Behavioural Markers)

2008 Capt. T. ‘Paddy’ Carver (Introduction of CRM and HF regulation)


The Helen Muir Award

Originally titled “The CRM and HF Practitioner’s Award”, the Helen Muir Award is designed to balance the Roger Green medal. It was renamed the Helen Muir Award in 2010 in honour of the late Prof. Helen Muir OBE, the first Chair of the Human Factors Group. The aim of this award is to “identify and recognise dedication, skill and valuable contributions to the industry by HF trainers, developers, scientists and managers who motivate, inspire and enable”.

Practitioners may come from any application area, not just CRM (eg. Engineering, ATC, research and other fields such as health care, power and emergency services). The Helen Muir award nomination procedure is described in the proposal form.

Award recipients

2002 Capt. John Thompson, Capt. Graham Dainty (joint holders)

2003 Capt. Colin Budenberg

2004 Keven Baines

2005 Captain Lucio Polo (CRM manager Alitalia and JARTEL project)

2006 Fiona Merritt (CAA)

2007 Duncan Harris

2008 Colin Adair

2012  Capt. George Robertson

2015 Dr. Kathy Abott