Team Performance: How Good is the Team?

25 September 1998

A Conference Presented by the Human Factors Group of the Royal Aeronautical Society

Papers and Materials on Team Performance

Only two presentations are listed but these were both by NASA Ames scientific staff and remain of interest.  The original files were lost but one has been located on a NASA archive.

1. From Crew Communication to Coordination: A Fundamental Means to an End. Dr. Barbara Kanki, NASA Ames

NASA describes this as follows:

This viewgraph presentation describes the purposes and contexts of communication, factors which affect the interpretation of communication, and the advantages of effective, systematic communication to and from crews. Communication accomplishes information transfer, team/task management, shared problem solving and decision making, and establishment of the interpersonal climate. These accomplishments support outcomes: Technical task performance; CRM (crew resource management); Procedures and ATC (air traffic control); and Work/team atmosphere. The presentation lists various types of management inefficiency which can result from a lack of each of the four accomplishments. Communication skills are used within the following contexts: physical; social and organizational; task and operational; and speech and linguistic. Crew communication can be evaluated through investigation (case study), research (experimentation), and training. —

2. Measuring Behaviours and Team Performance.  Dr. Lynne Martin, NASA Ames.
This presentation is not available.