Situation Assessment and Decision-Making

22/23 May 2001

A two-day Conference Presented by the Human Factors Group of the Royal Aeronautical Society in Collaboration with the UK Ergonomics Society

Papers and Materials on Situation Assessment

Papers from the main conference on the May 22, the Workshops on May 23 and a sidebar seminar at British Airways on May 24 are posted as links to the programme titles below. In some cases, an audio stream may be provided where comprehensive notes are not available. Workshop reports are also posted where available. All papers reflect the views of their authors alone. We recommend that readers save PPTs to file since most are more than 3MB in size.


1. Presentations
Presentations are posted when cleared by speakers.  All reproduction rights are reserved by the author(s). Information and papers presented here are not intended for sale or redistribution without written consent from their authors.

Prof. Jim Reason: Decision Making in the Real World (An Aviator’s Guide) (PDF).
Dr. Tom Seamster: Training for Expert Performance: Tools and Strategies (PDF).
Dr. Mica Endsley: Training for Situation Awareness (PDF).
Prof. Malcolm Cook: What Are Our Training Goals? Why Are We Training Them? (PDF).
Prof. Rene Amalberti: Training Situation Awareness and Decision-Making: A Rule-Making Approach (PPT).
Prof. Eduardo Salas: Training Crews for High Performance: Myths, Reality and What Works (PDF).

2. Related SA and Decision-Making Papers, Links and Notes

For background material for this conference, consult the Proceedings of the Situation Awareness conference.
Seamster, Hamman and Edens, Specification of Observable Behaviours within LOFT/lOE Events (PDF)
Dr. Tom Seamster, Pilot Awareness and Decision Making: The Structure of Cognitive Skills (DOC).
Seamster, Redding and Kempf, eds. (1997) chapter 6 in Applied Cognitive Task Analysis in Aviation, Ashgate Publishing Ltd., (PDF).
Seamster, Prentiss and Edens, Implementing CRM Skills within Crew Training Programs, (PDF).
Seamster, Boehm-Davis, Holt and Schultz, Developing Advanced Crew Resource Management (ACRM) Training: A Training Manual, (1998) FAA; (Zipped PDF).
ESSAI: Enhanced Safety through Situation Awareness Integration in training
NOTECHS: Non-Technical Skills Assessment in Pilot Training: Theory and Practice of the NOTECHS method – 1/2 day seminar at EAAP 2000 conference.

3. British Airways Seminar 24May01
Prof. Jim Reason, The Dimensions of Organizational Resiliance to Operational Hazards (PDF).
Dr. Tom Seamster, Crew Resource Management and Human Factors in the Organization (PDF).
Prof. Malcolm Cook, What Are Our Training Goals? Why Are We Training Them (II) (PDF).
Prof. Eduardo Salas, What Do We Know About Teamwork and Team Training? Helping Promote Safety in High Risk Environments (PDF).

4. Conference Information

Conference Brochure: Conference Programme (PDF)
Conference Delegates (DOC)