Measuring Safety Culture in Aviation Maintenance

26 April 2004

A Conference Presented by the Engineering Maintenance Group,

Human Factors Committe of The Royal Aeronautical Society,

at BAE Woodford

Papers and Materials on Measuring Safety Culture

The seminar addressed measurement of safety culture and available tools (including the SHoMe tool) to help industry carry out such measurement. It consisted of presentations in the morning and demonstrations and workshop activities in the afternoon. Free software containing the SHoMe tool and MEMS software were available to each attendee.

1. Presentations
Presentations are posted when cleared by speakers. All presentations are copyright (c) 2000 by their authors. Information and papers presented here are not intended for sale or redistribution without written consent from their authors.

Keynote address – Dave King, AAIB – PPT
What is safety culture – Cliff Edwards, Shell Aviation (PPT)
MEMS-CHIRP data sharing project – Marc Bailey, FRA (PPT)
SHoMe Tool presentation – Steve Mason, HSEC Ltd (PPT)
Safety Culture – BainesSimmons Ltd (PPT)

2. Papers and Notes
Ramp Safety and Ground Support, George Prill, GSE Today

3. Conference Information
Conference Programme