Incident Reporting, Investigation and Analysis: Gathering Data for HF Programme Planning

15 February 2001

A Conference Presented by the

Human Factors Committee Rail and Aviation Working Group

of The Royal Aeronautical Society

Papers and Materials on the HF Business Case

1. Presentations
Presentations are posted when cleared by speakers. All presentations are copyright (c) 2001 by their authors. Information and papers presented here are not intended for sale or redistribution without written consent from their authors.

John Chappelow, DERA Centre for Human Sciences; “See and Avoid” Study (.ZIP PPT).

Bill Robinson, Head of Risk Assessment, Railway Safety; Human Factors Precursors in Railway Data Bases (PDF).

Prof. John Davies, CIRAS Director; Strathclyde University; Human Factors Reporting and Analysis (PDF).

Cliff Edwards, Shell Aviation; Improving the Engineering Safety Culture (PPT).

Dr. Rachel Asch, Cranfield University; Practical Aspects of Understanding and Implementing a Safety Culture (PPT).

2. Related Aviation Maintenance Papers and Notes

We recommend consulting the papers presented at the recent Business Case for HF in Aviation Maintenance Conference (8 Dec. 2000), many of which are relevant and useful.
3. Conference Information

Conference Programme