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Engineering Standing Group (HFG:E)


To influence the Aviation Industry, in order that safety and operational efficiency is improved through the adoption of Human Factors principles and practices.


Position Papers and Reports

Areas of interest

  1. Human Factors training strategies, for example HF component of Maintenance NVQs.

  2. CHIRP reports related to maintenance.

  3. Accident and incident investigation.

  4. Joint Aviation Regulations (eg. JAR145, JAR-OPS JAR21, JAR-M and JAR-66) and how these address Human Factors

  5. Liaison with the RAeS Airworthiness & Maintenance Group.

  6. Liaison with other UK aviation maintenance and engineering committees (eg. UKOTG or UKFSC) that have Human Factors interests and projects.


  • CAP716 (issue 2) , published on 18 Dec 2003, contains guidance material in support of EASA/JAR145 human factors requirements. (N.B.: this document is over 200 pages in size).

  • JAR145 amendment 5 contains changes to JAR145 concerning human factors (originally NPA12). Additional guidance material is contained in the JAA Maintenance Human Factors Working Group (about 20 pages), which is available to download from the jaa website: