Maintenance Engineering Standing Group - Maintenance Human Factors Reports

Reports and papers




Work Hours of Aviation Maintenance Personnel and covering letter about 60 pages The report on the study by Professor Simon Folkard, on Work Hours of Aviation Maintenance Personnel (issued June 2002), containing the results of the survey on work hours of UK LAEs, and recommendations for best practice
JAA Maintenance Human Factors Working Group Report, May 2001 about 20 pages Expansion on, and rationale for, the JAR145 NPA12 requirements, including an expanded human factors training syllabus
CAP716 about 200 pages Detailed guidance material in support of JAR145 human factors requirements and NPA12.
CAA Maintenance Human Factors Handbook, Issue 2, Aug 2000 300+ pages Useful information on a variety of topics in one compact 600Kb ZIP file for downloading.
"People, Practises and Procedures in Aviation Engineering and Maintenance" about 20 pages Good document for anyone wishing to set up a human factors program
The Business Case for Human Factors in Maintenance Organisations various Papers/ powerpoints from the mini-conference on this topic
The Case for Compliance Monitoring in Maintenance Organisations about 20 pages Paper by Cliff Edwards