Situational Awareness in EFIS Aircraft

23 February 2000

A Conference Presented by the

Human Factors Group of The Royal Aeronautical Society
together with
The UK Ergonomics Society


1. Presentations
All presentations are copyright (c) 2000 by their authors.

Captain Jim Passmore, British Airways Head Of Safety; Situation awareness and EFIS – Is there a problem?

Professor Mica Endsley, S A Technologies; History and Development of Situation Awareness Research

Mark Hicks, SEA.; Situation Awareness during System Failures – conventional and automated failure management

Ronald van Gent, Head of Human Factors, NLR; Human Factors Design Issues

Michael Feary, NASA.; Vertical Profile Awareness, “Behaviour” v. “System” based vertical navigation systems

Randy Mumaw, BOEING Human Factors; EFIS Mode and Systems Awareness – Boeing developments in systems awareness technology

2. Papers and Comments
ESSAI – Training Situation Awareness and Threat Management Techniques, Hans Hoermann et al, Ohio State April 2003

The Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory, c.f. Dr. Ronald VanGent

The Bluecoat Cockpit Automation Forum

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Conference Programme
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