Fatigue and Working Hours in Aviation

23 October 2002

A Conference Presented by the Human Factors Committe of

The Royal Aeronautical Society

Papers and Materials on Fatigue and Working Hours

1. Presentations

The proceedings of the conference will be published by the Royal Aeronautical Society.   For further information please contact the Senior Conference Officer,  Royal Aeronautical Society, 3 Hamilton Place, London W1, UK.

Note:  Many of the presentations and papers provided below require Adobe Acrobat, a standard document viewing application.  This is available at o cost from Adobe:


Work Hours of Aircraft Maintenance Personnel, by Simon Folkard D.Sc.

Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS): described in July 30 Focus on Maintenance.

Prof. Drew Dawson, Extended Work Hours in Australia – Counting the Costs.

Fatigue Expert Group: Options for Regulatory Approach to Fatigue in Drivers of Heavy Vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.

2. Papers and Notes

Programme Summary: Welcome, by Pieter Hemsley, Chairman RAeS HFG

Jim Lyons, Assistant to the Operations Director, JAA

Tim Scorer

Dr. Ian Perry – Senior Consultant in Aviation Medecine

Mick Spencer – Principal Scientist, Centre for Human Sciences, Qinetiq

BALPA paper

Prof. Simon Folkard – Dept. of Psychology, University of Wales, Swansea.

Prof. Drew Dawson – Director, Centre for Sleep Research, University of South Australia

3. Conference Information

Conference Programme (PDF)