Engineering Maintenance Standing Group (EMSG)

The aim of the Human Factors Group is to improve the standards of aviation safety by promoting a better understanding of human factors hazards and techniques for dealing with them.

The Engineering & Maintenance Standing Group (EMSG) is a specialist sub-group of the HFG.

EMSG members are drawn from across the industry. They are people who have considerable personal experience and expertise in the field of maintenance human factors. Whilst they do not represent their employers, their input reflects current industry practice.

Committee Members

  • Group Capt Andy Ebdon, MSc BA CEng MCMI FRAeS: RAF Harrier Programme
Deputy Chair
  • Cliff Edwards, I Eng FRAeS: Aviation Hazard Management
  • Tony Hines, MBE MSc FRAeS Chartered MCIPD LCGI: Retired
  • Keven Baines, IEng DEng BM MRAeS MBAC: Baines Simmons Ltd.
  • Tony Bisson: TAG Farnborough
  • Alan Eccleston, BSc (Hons) MRAeS: Rolls Royce
  • Andy Evans, CEng BEng (Hons) MSc MRAeS Grad IOSH: Bristow Group Inc.
  • Phil Hall, CEng FRAeS: Monarch A/C Engineering
  • Doug Owen, MA (Psychol) Dip Grad (Info. Science) BA: Human Engineering
  • Jim Rainbow, OBE CEng FRAeS A/F AIAA: Consultant
  • Simon Roberts: Civil Aviation Authority
  • John Saull, International Federation of Airworthiness
  • Lt Cdr Justin Saward, BEng (Hons) CEng MRAeS CRMI: Defence Aviation Safety Centre
  • Alan Simmons, MSc CEng FRAeS: Air Accident Investigation Branch
  • Mick Skinner, MRAeS: CHIRP
  • Tania Wilson, BEng (Hons): Virgin Atlantic Engineering
  • Simon Witts, BSc (Hons) FRAeS: British Airways